5G network powered by sustainable hydrogen could cover whole of UK


Stratospheric Platforms is proposing complete 5G coverage powered by sustainable hydrogen across Scotland, with the potential to cover the whole of the UK.

On 17 September, it revealed its plans for high-altitude, hydrogen-powered aircraft (HAP) that can provide uninterrupted 5G connectivity direct to consumer smart phones across areas as wide as 140km, as well as direct broadband connectivity to properties. It is proposing that a small fleet of aircraft operating from Prestwick could provide complete coverage of the UK and prove particularly well suited to the challenging terrain of Scotland.

In Scotland, a fleet of 21 aircraft could provide 100% coverage, requiring just eight offshore wind turbines to generate the power needed to produce hydrogen from seawater.

It further mapped out how the Stratomast systems is particularly beneficial to remote and rural regions, drawing on how it provides a communications service that only requires standard mobile phones for mobile connectivity and a low cost, low power MiFi device for home broadband services. It also does not require any expensive additional infrastructure or towers on the ground, nor any costly, fibre optic cables laid across the seabed to island or rural communities.