Acciona launches platform to guarantee renewable origin of green hydrogen


Acciona has developed the world’s first platform based on blockchain technology that guarantees the renewable origin of green hydrogen.

On 2 February, the Spanish firm announced the launch of GreenH2chain, which allows clients to verify the transportation and delivery process of green hydrogen. Customers are granted access to a digital platform, enabling them to see the entire green hydrogen value chain in real time from anywhere in the world.

The solution offers all of the necessary information on hydrogen consumption, as well as the CO2 emissions consumers can save by using it, meaning they are able to quantify, record and monitor the decarbonisation process of their own energy supply. GreenH2chain will be complementary to any official systems that emerge in future dedicated to certifying the renewable origin of hydrogen, offering its differential values to them, both at a European level and in each individual country.

The platform is also set to be implemented in the Power to Green Hydrogen project, which is aiming to create a green ecosystem on Mallorca, and will be used in all future renewable hydrogen generation projects as well.