AI green hydrogen technology set to be trialled


H2GO Power has joined forces with the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) and Imperial College London to trial artificial intelligence software with hydrogen technology.

On 10 February, EMEC outlined how the HyAI project is a pilot demonstration of AI software-controlled hydrogen storage technology with the aim of showing how this integration can lead to intelligent, data-driven asset management decisions in real time, optimising renewable energy integration into the grid. The project is underway and will remain live until summer 2021, with initial results already showing the AI-enabled approach can produce hydrogen more cost effectively and alleviate stresses on the grid.

AI software has been integrated with one of H2GO Power’s hydrogen storage units, while EMEC has supplied energy data from its Hydrogen Production Plant in Orkney. The AI platform acts as an energy management system, integrating data about the weather, electricity prices and grid management, with this then translated using its predictive algorithms to optimise the operation of the storage units by predicting both future power costs and user demands.

In future, the goal is for their to be a commercial demonstration of H2GO’s AI software platform and power to power hydrogen storage technology. EMEC revealed it has signed a memorandum of understanding with H2GO to install and integrate the technology at its test site in Orkney.