Airbus launches platform for hydrogen development in the UK


Airbus has announced the launch of a Zero Emission Development Centre (ZEDC) for hydrogen technologies in the UK.

On 25 May, Airbus outlined how a priority for the UK ZEDC will be the development of a cost-competitive cryogenic fuel system, which is required for the successful entry-into-service of Airbus’ ZEROe passenger aircraft by 2035. It will also look to accelerate UK skills and know-how on hydrogen propulsion technologies. Technology development has already commenced at the centre, which is based in Bristol, and will cover the full product capabilities from components all the way through to whole system and cryogenic testing.

The ZEDC will complement the existing research and technology footprint that Airbus already has in the UK – it opened its £40mn AIRTeC research and testing facility in 2021 to deliver the next generation of aircraft wind, landing-gear systems and fuel system designs. It will also complement the work being done on cryogenic liquid hydrogen tanks across Airbus’ existing ZEDCs in Spain, France and Germany.

All Airbus ZEDCs are set to be fully operational and ready for grounds testing with the first fully cryogenic hydrogen tank during 023, with flights testing then starting in 2026.