Alliance aims to fast track energy transition


The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) has joined forces with the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult to form an Energy Transition Alliance (ETA).

The ETA, launched on 22 July, will run for five years and look to deliver next generation energy technologies to accelerate the UK’s transition to a net zero future. It will collaborate with the energy industry, driving forward a focused, funded programme to develop these technologies, including the next generation of hydrogen production and floating offshore wind. An initial five projects have been announced, including a study into maximising the full potential of the UK supply chain in the production, installation and decommissioning of offshore renewables, creating 27,000 jobs in offshore wind by 2030.

It also announced a UK supply chain specific competition to stimulate innovation in floating wind, to reduce the cost of floating foundations by 25-30%, as well as a project focused on developing a prototype AC/DC conversion technology that reduces CO2, has a footprint 10 times smaller and five times cheaper than existing technologies. This is anticipated to generate £7.7bn savings to industry.

Colette Cohen, OGTC CEO, said: “The creation of the Energy Transition Alliance comes at a pivotal time for our industry and the future of the North Sea as we transition to a net zero basin. Technology, innovation and a willingness to work cross sector will be essential if we are to successfully deliver on our net zero goal. This Alliance is an exciting step towards a more integrated energy future for the UK.”