British Airways joins forces with ZeroAvia to speed switch to hydrogen aircraft


British Airways has partnered with ZeroAvia in a project to explore how hydrogen-powered aircraft can play a leading role in the future of sustainable flying.

On 12 December, British Airways explained that the collaboration will see ZeroAvia embedded in the heart of the airline, with the team working remotely alongside mentors and experts to explore the transformational possibilities of a switch to zero emission hydrogen to power the airline’s future fleet.

The partnership is part of British Airways’ parent IAG’s Hangar 51 accelerator programme, which is working with start-ups and scale-ups from around the world to provide them with an opportunity to develop and test their products on real world business challenges on a global scale. At the programme’s conclusion, research and learnings from the process will be shared, with the two teams considering how the partnership should progress over a longer term basis.