Clean energy hub set for Shoreham Port


Getech has announced that its subsidiary, H2 Green, has signed a collaboration agreement with Shoreham Port.

The agreement, revealed on 15 November, will see H2 Green handed exclusive rights to develop a renewable energy hub at the Port of Shoreham. This will involve the development of all port-based hydrogen, ammonia and new onshore wind and solar power generation, with provision of green hydrogen and renewable electricity to the Port’s 39 heavy forklift trucks and 12 heavy goods vehicles set to be the initial focus.

The green hydrogen will be sourced from a scalable green hydrogen production, storage and refuelling facility, the economics of which will be optimised through its integration with new solar and wind electricity generation capacity. To serve additional demand from regional trucking, marine and local industrial customers, the hydrogen facility will likely exceed 8 tonnes per day, once at full capacity.

In the future, the hub will expanded, allowing it to facilitate the decarbonisation of more than 800 HGVs that entre Shoreham Port on a daily basis, and to provide fuel to port and coastal marine vessels. Under plans for a third phase of hydrogen supply growth, H2 Green is also targeting an ammonia importation facility. This will have the potential of connecting Shoreham to large-scale, low cost green energy projects worldwide. Overall, H2 Green forecasts that the hub could result in the removal of 45,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year from the Port’s trucks and HGVs, as well as serving as a catalyst for the wider region’s transport decarbonisation efforts.

H2 Green and Shoreham Port will now work to complete detailed planning and scheduling for each element of the renewable energy hub. Once engineering designs are finalised and planning approvals received, a structured series of Final Investment Decisions are expected in the second half of 2022.