Clean Power Hydrogen and NI Water join forces to reduce emissions


Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2) is to supply a 1MW electrolyser to NI Water to realise emission reductions and enable a wider hydrogen economy in Northern Ireland.

On 15 June, CPH2, working with B9 Energy, announced that it had won an order for an MFE220 1MW Membrane-Free Electrolyser from LaganMEICA JV, which itself had won a tender from NI Water using the CPH2 solution. It will be installed at NI Water’s plant in Belfast by September 2021, producing 451kg of hydrogen and up to 3,609kg of medical-grade oxygen per day.

The remit of LaganMEICA JV’s project was to improve the efficiency of the treatment of wastewater at NI Water’s plant in Belfast. NI Water was awarded £5mn from the Department for the Economy (DfE) back in 2020 to explore innovative hydrogen and oxygen technology. NI Water has been regarded as “uniquely placed” to harness hydrogen technology at wastewater treatment sites situated near all major towns.

A trial unit has already been running on-site in Belfast, producing both hydrogen and oxygen. CPH2’s solution offers high operating efficiencies, along with a 25-year lifespan, with its electrolysers scalable to meet growing multi and gigawatt requirements as demanded by the growing hydrogen economy.