Clean Power Hydrogen delivers Ireland’s first electrolyser


Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2) has delivered Ireland’s first electrolyser, while also securing £3mn from investors to further scale the business.

On 25 November, CPH2 said that it had shipped the MFE02 Containerised Membrane-Free Electrolyser from its Technology Innovation Centre in Doncaster. It has been commissioned and is now ready to produce pure hydrogen and medical grade oxygen. The system works by producing a mixed gas cryogenically separated, making use of a highly efficient heat exchanger to recover the cold energy invested in the distillation of the oxygen from the mixed gas stream. This process ensures the separation is highly efficient.

CPH2 added that it’s currently building MFE220 1MW electrolysers, MFE30 and MFE30+ electrolysers for delivery in mid-2021. Through continued investment in R&D, it said it is aiming to advance efficiency levels and operating costs to a new level, strengthening the company’s position of “offering the lowest lifetime cost of hydrogen”.

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