CNG Fuels set to host HGV hydrogen trials


CNG Fuels is to host hydrogen trials for HGVs, helping to decarbonise UK fleets and prepare customers for a multi-fuel future.

On 28 October, CNG Fuels announced its plans to hold the trials across its expanding UK network of public access biomethane refuelling stations. To this end, it has established a new branch of the company in HyFuels, tasked with identifying the best hydrogen production pathways and infrastructure solutions for HGVs, enabling it to support customers in adopting hydrogen quickly and easily once it becomes commercially viable.

The first trials are set for mid-2022, with the company in discussions with international partners and undertaking feasibility studies across its upcoming development sites. From 2025, it is planning to allocate 100 acres of its land to public access hydrogen refuelling.

The first initiatives will be a number of hydrogen-ready mobile refuelling units, with findings from the trials to be used to inform government, industry and existing customers on the effectiveness of different hydrogen solutions and outline key infrastructure considerations for a hydrogen refuelling network. The company also is planning on including the findings in a wider business strategy, which will have a complete roadmap for companies to switch fleets from diesel to net zero fuels.