Cornwall firm gets funding for green hydrogen projects


PV3 Technologies has received funding to begin work on a “groundbreaking” green hydrogen project for Cornwall, according to H2 View.

On 16 October, H2 View reported that AeroSpace Cornwall, which is the European Regional Development Fund and Cornwall Council-funded programme promoting research, development and innovation, has awarded £72,602 to PV3 to support research and development projects in green hydrogen. It will now look to develop next generation coatings for PEM water electrolysers, allowing them to reduce the cost of hydrogen production by increasing both the energy efficiency and lifetime of the electrolyser.

It is hoped that this would then reduce the costs for British aerospace manufacturers and support the growth of the green hydrogen industry in the UK. Work began in July 2020 with the project set to last for around nine months.

CEO of PV3, Dr David Hodgson, said: “The EU’s Hydrogen Strategy lays out the potential for nearly 50 GW of green hydrogen capacity by 2030, and we need to support our customers by matching their demand and innovating to further reduce the overall cost of the technology. This project lays the foundations for our next generation coating product, with a significant cost reduction over current coatings. We already have the manufacturing capacity to produce coatings for 2 GW of electrolyser capacity per year, but with product and production innovation we can increase that significantly.”