Council project to explore role for hydrogen in decarbonised future


A green hydrogen electrolyser and car refueler have arrived at Milford Haven Waterfront as part of a £4.5mn project exploring hydrogen’s role in a decarbonised energy future.

On 22 June, Pembrokeshire County Council detailed how as part of Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom (MH:EK), two Riversimple “Rasa” hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (HFECVs) will be trialled. This will test their feasibility as they operate as fleet cars around the Haven. Green hydrogen will be produced on site at the Waterfront with work already underway to ensure the electrolyser and refueler are operational for July. A hydrogen-ready smart hybrid heating system will also be tested within an operational port building.

The MH:EK project, which will complete in 2022, is aiming to explore what a renewable energy based Smart Local Energy System could look like for the Milford Haven Waterway.

It will collect evidence into the whole system around the waterway and explore how use and distribution of hydrogen can be made financially viable within different energy sectors of buildings, industry, power and transport. The project team will also explore the potential of local renewable energy, including solar, onshore wind, future offshore wind and biomass for decarbonised gas transition.