EDF issues EOI invitations for hydrogen and direct air capture projects connected to Sizewell


Announced on 23 November, EDF Energy has published details of plans to construct and operate two demonstrator projects at its East Suffolk site.

The first project will see construction of a hydrogen electrolyser with an expected capacity of up to 2MW. This would enable production of up to 800kg of hydrogen each day which could be used for vehicles and equipment used in construction of the proposed nuclear power station at Sizewell C. It would also look to provide hydrogen produced to local markets such as ports, railways, buses, industry and local authorities.

Applicants will be expected to project manage the demonstration, supply the electrolyser, and provide hydrogen-fuelled equipment and vehicles. Following project demonstration, a large-scale hydrogen facility supplied which heat and power from Sizewell C could be developed. Applications will need to be submitted by 8 January 2021. Expression of interest documentation here.

In a second interesting move the company has published details of a Direct Air Capture (DAC) project. The project would see a DAC system powered by heat from Sizewell C, creating the possibility of a carbon negative project.

Applicants here would be expected to project manage the demonstration, provide the DAC technology, design the plant, and explore scalability for a future long-term plant at Sizewell C. Application deadline is 18 December 2020. Expression of interest documentation here.

Sizewell C Director of Finance and Regulation Julia Pyke said: “Sizewell C will supply around 6 million British homes with always-on low carbon power, but it has enormous potential to do much more in support of our net zero future. By using spare heat to enable some of the other low carbon technologies needed alongside nuclear, Sizewell C will become a flexible energy hub and provide even greater value for energy users.”