Element Two plots rollout of hydrogen pumps


Element Two is aiming to deploy more than 800 hydrogen pumps across the UK by 2027.

On 10 February, H2 View reported that Element Two is investing in “prime locations” in the North of England, Scotland and Ireland, with a future target of 2,000 hydrogen pups by 2030 in its sights. Such a move would mark a “massive breakthrough” for the UK’s hydrogen mobility sector, it said, citing UK H2Mobility’s refuelling station map which shows only 12 hydrogen stations currently open today in the UK and the fact that uptake of fuel cell electric vehicles has been slow.

Sir Vince Cable has joined Element Two as a non-executive director, with the former leader of Liberal Democrats stating his belief hydrogen will form a “key bridge” in meeting net zero targets, especially within the transport and heating industries.

Cable added: “Production of hydrogen is a cornerstone of EU and UK energy policy and uptake of hydrogen fuelled vehicles is gathering momentum. It is essential that we have the right infrastructure in place to facilitate the needs of a hydrogen transport network and that aspirational and sustainable businesses such as Element Two have the right support to make this happen in terms of strategic guidance, investee and a broader brand awareness.”