Energy companies target UK’s first carbon neutral industrial cluster


An alliance of energy firms are aiming to launch the UK’s first carbon-neutral industrial cluster in the Humber, considered Britain’s most polluting industrial zone.

On 9 September, The Guardian reported that the alliance, which includes companies such as National Grid, Drax and Equinor, are looking to trial world-leading technology to capture and store carbon emissions from factory and power plant flues before they enter the atmosphere. It will also look to use carbon capture when breaking down natural gas to create hydrogen which can then be used in industry, heating and transport.

Lord Haskins, Chair of the Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “This is a huge opportunity to accelerate clean growth in the Humber while also supporting significant industries to adapt for the future. If we can achieve this goal of becoming carbon neutral on the Humber it would make us a brilliant example not just for the rest of the country, but the rest of the world.”

The Guardian

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