Energy & Utility Skills to develop competency framework for hydrogen


BEIS has appointed Energy & Utility Skills to develop a competency framework solution as part of the government’s hydrogen for heat £25mn innovation programme, Hy4Heat.

On 11 May, Energy & Utility Skills explained that it will support the programme by putting in place the appropriate foundations and developing a framework for the training, accreditation, and registration of gas engineers working with hydrogen. This framework will enable personnel working with hydrogen gas appliances to acquire the required knowledge and skills to operate in a competent and safe way. It will address the gap that, Energy & Utility Skills said, currently exists within the gas industry relating to the training and registration of professionals to work with hydrogen in the domestic environment and for a limited scope of non-domestic installations.

The Hy4Heat programme is aiming to establish whether it is technically possible, safe and convenient to replace natural gas with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings, as well as gas appliances.

Energy & Utility Skills