GH2 aims to accelerate a green hydrogen revolution


The Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2) has signalled its ambition to accelerate a green hydrogen revolution and outlined how it intends to spearhead these efforts.

This has included launching a collaborative effort with government, industry and civil society at COP26 to develop a Green Hydrogen Standard. This standard will provide certainty and transparency to investors and other stakeholders that green hydrogen is as green as it claims to be, conforming to the highest standards on emissions, environmental, social and governance performance targets, and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Jonas Moberg, CEO of GH2, explained the global standard will maximise the development potential in developing and emerging economies. It also will focus solely on green hydrogen made from renewable energy.

Elsewhere, in the lead-up to the first-ever Green Hydrogen Global Summit and Assembly, set to be held in Barcelona in May 2022, co-hosted by the Spanish government, GH2 is aiming to put a Green Hydrogen Development Plan in place, launch a Green Hydrogen Charter, and host a Green Hydrogen CEO Roundtable.

The development plan will bring together governments of developing countries, international finance institutions and other development actors to build, share and promote development policies and enable a rapid acceleration in the production and use of green hydrogen to meet SDGs. The charter, meanwhile, will be a set of principles where committed governments can come together to share best practice and ensure their national hydrogen strategies prioritise green hydrogen, while the roundtable will be a forum for industry leadership and collaboration along the green hydrogen supply chain.

Image credit: Nicholas Doherty.