Government eyes hydrogen from biomass with new scheme


A new government programme is set to support the development of innovative technologies that generate hydrogen from biomass and waste.

Launched on 12 January, the Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme is inviting applications from the likes of small businesses, large companies, research institutions and universities to bid for a share of £5mn in funding to support the development of technologies that can produce hydrogen through bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). Successful applicants will be awarded up to £250,000 to help develop their project plans and demonstrate the feasibility of their proposed innovation, with the second phase of the programme to provide further funding to support demonstration of the most promising Phase 1 projects.

It detailed how BECCS technology is unique in the way it offers the ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, with CO2 absorbed during the growth of the sustainable biomass and organic content found in waste, before then permanently removing it through use of carbon capture technologies. With hydrogen to be crucial as a clean fuel for hard-to-decarbonise sectors, such as transport and heavy industry, hydrogen BECCS technologies are therefore set to be key on the path to net zero.