Government told to kickstart hydrogen transport revolution


The government has been told to capitalise on “green gains” experienced during the lockdown by supporting the rollout of hydrogen vehicles once restrictions are lifted.

On 1 May, the North West Hydrogen Alliance (NWHA) published a hydrogen mobility roadmap, stating that the government’s response to coronavirus has shown the government is prepared to make significant financial investment when faced with a crisis. With climate change set to be top of the agenda after the pandemic, NWHA urged the government to invest in hydrogen as part of the UK’s recovery plan.

The roadmap consists of a set of actions for government and industry to take to enable widespread deployment of hydrogen vehicles, as well as “quick wins” that will ensure rapid action on climate change can be taken while also supporting the economic recovery, post COVID-19.

NWHA’s proposed actions include amending the current Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation guidance to include renewable, or green, hydrogen as a vehicle fuel. It recommended this support is extended to trains and ships through planned legislative changes in 2020-21, while it also called for the inclusion of a statement of intent to support low carbon blue hydrogen, which is to be produced in the North West through the HyNet project from 2025. Taking such an approach, NWHA argued, would provide a strong driver for manufacturers and fleet operators to make the necessary investment decisions.