Green Freeports set for Scotland after agreement


The UK and Scottish governments have reached an agreement to establish two Green Freeports in Scotland.

On 14 February, the Scottish government confirmed that after “robust discussions” with the UK government, the pair have agreed to establish a joint applicant prospectus; to ensure applicants in Scotland are required to contribute towards a just transition to net zero emissions by 2045; and that applicants in Scotland are required to outline how they will support high quality employment opportunities that offer good salaries and conditions, as well as how fair work practices will be embedded in the green freeport area.

Both governments will be able to deliver tax reliefs and other incentives through a combination of devolved and reserved powers, while UK ministers are expected to provide up to £52mn in seed funding to establish the Green Freeports. This is in line with funding that has been offered to Freeports across England.