Green hydrogen manufacturing capability to accelerate research and innovation


A new green hydrogen production and storage facility is set to serve as a regional and national demonstrator for local green energy generation and use.

On 16 May, IAAPS announced that following a successful £2.5mn bid to the UK Research Partnership Innovation Fund (RPIF), it will establish green hydrogen manufacturing capability at its new research and innovation facility at the Bristol and Bath Science Park. As well as acting as a regional and national demonstrator, it will address a number of other key objectives, including decarbonising the energy used on the site through reducing the whole building’s carbon footprint, supporting the transition to net zero.

It will also support crucial research and innovation into sustainable propulsion technologies and the use of hydrogen as an alternative green energy vector to achieve net zero targets, as well as acting as a catalyst for the adoption of hydrogen across a wide range of applications.

The production and storage facility is set to be the first of its kind in the South West of England. It will form the foundations for a regional hydrogen and sustainable transport acceleration hub, working with more than 30 cross-sector partners to stimulate green growth in the region, while providing an important link in the national hydrogen research infrastructure. It is due to be completed in spring 2023.