Green hydrogen network targeted for the Highlands


H2 Green and the Highland Council have agreed on a vision to create a regional network of green hydrogen hubs across the Scottish Highlands.

Making the announcement on 11 March, H2 Green added that the infrastructure will accelerate decarbonisation of the Highlands council area. The agreement will see H2 Green and the Highland Council produce a regional plan to develop a network of green hydrogen hubs, with hydrogen production, storage and delivery infrastructure placed at optimal locations across the Scottish Highlands; establish commercial agreements for green hydrogen offtake, underpinned by transport decarbonisation initiatives in the Highlands; and establish commercial agreements for consumption of by-products of hydrogen generation, including oxygen and zero-emission heat.

To support this initial work, the Highland Council will contribute £100,000, coming from £2mn investment funds it approved at its latest budget meeting as part of efforts to progress its net zero ambitions, investing in green energy and providing long-lasting benefits to Highland communities. Both parties have also entered negotiations for a Joint Venture Agreement, under which the proposed Highlands decarbonisation plan will be delivered.