Green light for innovative Orkney hydrogen facility


Planning consent has been granted for what would be the first commercial facility of its kind in the UK, creating and using both green hydrogen and ammonia.

On 20 January, the Orkney Council Planning Committee approved a proposal from Eneus Energy, Hammars Hill Energy and Green Cat Renewables. The development, first proposed in May, will include an extension of two wind turbines at the Hammars Hill wind farm – which currently has five. These would then be used by the plant to generate hydrogen from water, before combining it with the air to form ammonia.

Storing and transporting liquid ammonia uses the same technologies as liquified petroleum gas which offers the opportunity to work in new markets with existing fuel suppliers on the island. The project also plans to have locally-based technicians employed to monitor and operate the facility. The transportation of ammonia produced at the plant should also see further opportunities for local employment and upskilling.

The project was highlighted as being an innovative example of a local “Power-to-X” transformational project needed to build a green hydrogen economy, cut emissions and deliver net zero.