Green light for world-first hydrogen heating network


SGN’s plans for H100 Fife, a project set to demonstrate 100% green hydrogen heating in homes for the first time, have been backed by Ofgem.

On 30 November, SGN confirmed the regulatory will award up to £18mn from its Network Innovation Competition to the project, which it says will mark a “critical first step” as the UK targets 5GW of hydrogen production capacity and a “Hydrogen Town” by 2030. The funding will trigger a further £6.9mn investment from the Scottish government, with SGN shareholders and Britain’s three other gas distribution networks also providing funds to support the project.

Work will now commence on delivering a 100% hydrogen demonstration network in Levenmouth, Fife, leading to 300 homes being supplied carbon-free heating from the end of 2022. The hydrogen will be produced locally from a dedicated electrolysis plant powered by a nearby offshore wind turbine.

Customers in Fife will be given the chance to participate in the demonstration. Those who choose to opt-in will receive a free hydrogen connection, free replacement hydrogen appliances and free maintenance over the duration of the project. They will also pay the same amount for hydrogen as they would for natural gas.

Angus McIntosh, Director of Energy Futures at SGN, said: “H100 Fife is the UK’s priority project in this area and is designed to demonstrate hydrogen distribution and in-home performance in a real-world setting. It’s an exciting opportunity to revolutionise the way millions of people heat their homes. The hydrogen appliances will connect to the existing pipes in the home for zero carbon heating and cooking with minimal disruption and with no need to replace existing radiators or plumbing.”

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