Hydrogen Europe calls for Hydrogen Accelerator to “replace, repurpose and reinvest”


The moment is “now” for the EU to accelerate deployment of hydrogen technologies through replacing, repurposing and reinvesting, Hydrogen Europe has said.

On 8 March, Hydrogen Europe outlined what a potential Hydrogen Accelerator – as set out in the European Commission’s REPowerEU plan – should entail. With the plan calling for an additional 15mt of renewable hydrogen to replace demand for Russian gas, Hydrogen Europe called for outdated technologies to be replaced through the Hydrogen Accelerator, driving down emissions and supporting European industrial solutions. With the EU home to six out of the 10 largest electrolyser manufacturers in the world, the time is now that clean energy pioneers are supported accordingly, it stressed.

It further called for the need to repurpose natural gas assets and build hydrogen infrastructure encompassing storage, terminals and import assets, with it highlighting the need for a clear, forward-looking strategy to identify which gas pipelines must be made available for retrofitting and repurposing to carry pure hydrogen from day one.

The final element is reinvestment, with Hydrogen Europe calling for revenues from the ETS to be reinvested through the Modernisation and Innovation Funds, while there will also be a need to make use of Carbon Contracts for Difference and State Aid. It stressed that the Hydrogen Accelerator will need enormous funds, with the private sector unable to deliver on its own.