Hydrogen refuelling station begins operating at Teesside airport


A refuelling station serving hydrogen-powered vehicles is now operational at Teesside International Airport.

On 28 January, Tees Valley Combined Authority revealed the station is up and running as part of a £2.5mn region-wide trial. Through the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub, the airport, along with other key organisations, are testing out 100% zero-emission, hydrogen-fuelled commercial and support vehicles. The station – set up by Element 2 – will provide fuel for two Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and a forklift, with a Kangoo hydrogen-powered light van and hydrogen tug set to arrive in May.

Toyota is deploying a number of vehicles across the region’s rapid response services, including emergency response units for Cleveland Police and NHS patient support, all of which will be able to use the refuelling infrastructure.

Brendan Bilton, Chief Technology Officer at Element 2, stressed the desire to encourage fleet owners and operators to take advantage of the opportunity, stating that together, “we can make diesel history”. Bilton explained: “For every 1kg of hydrogen fuel used, 3.7 litres of Diesel and 10kg of CO2 emissions is offset. The Tees Valley Hydrogen Hub will play a vital part in decarbonising the North East, local residents and workers will benefit from cleaner air and the hub will create more skilled jobs in the region.”