Hydrogen supply and refuelling partnership established


Element 2 is set to supply hydrogen fuel, hydrogen storage and hydrogen pumps at mobile and fixed hydrogen refuelling stations for both Riversimple’s existing and future customers.

Back in late June, Element 2 announced a Letter of Intent with Riversimple, signalling its plan to purchase and then take over operation of Riversimple’s hydrogen refuelling station in Abergavenny in Wales. Element 2 will become the core hydrogen refuelling infrastructure partner for Riversimple during its next phase of development and support its UK go to market strategy. As it stands, Riversimple manufactures hydrogen powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) that will be offered to customers on a subscription-only basis, with a monthly payment that covers all costs, including fuel.

The ambition is to provide hydrogen refuelling for all hydrogen vehicles across the UK as Element 2 develops the first national network of hydrogen refuelling stations. It is also set to provide technical and logistical support to Riversimple and its clients as they both plan or scope out further hydrogen refuelling stations, as well as assisting with demonstrations and projects to promote the benefits of hydrogen passenger vehicles, hydrogen transport and the hydrogen economy.

Chris Foxall, Finance Director of Riversimple, explained: “The strategic partnership with Element 2 addresses the biggest barrier to a flourishing hydrogen transport sector, which is access to convenient and reliable refuelling infrastructure.  Our goal of having thousands of zero emission vehicles with quick refilling times and affordable long range is now one step closer to reality.”