Hydrologiq to deploy hydrogen fuel cell generators in 2022


Hydrologiq has secured funding to deploy hydrogen fuel cell generators in 2022, as it looks to develop its H2Serve platform.

On 5 January, it outlined how through these trial deployments, it will replace diesel generators in real world off-grid locations with hydrogen fuel cell ones. It is now looking for deployment partners to provide suitable locations, with seven customer slots available – two in May, followed by a further five in July/August. Around 80kg of hydrogen will be provided through the trials, per customer, with there being an option to extend the trial duration as well, either through hours worked or days run.

This will help Hydrologiq develop the prototype for its H2Serve platform, which will aim to connect evolving supply and demand for hydrogen generators in the UK off-grid power industry. Specifically, the trials will enable it to develop its feasibility study evaluations and modelling into the prototype of an end-user friendly suite of tools to plan deployments, increase understanding of hydrogen solutions, and unlock low hydrogen fuel prices.

Through H2Serve, Hydrologiq is planning to drive a faster, earlier transition from diesel to hydrogen fuel cell powered generators throughout the UK, with potential to expand further afield too. The platform will help to overcome prime barriers to uptake, allowing prospective generator users to access all parts of the hydrogen value chain. Hydrologiq added that if all of its target industries switch from diesel to hydrogen, then 3.6mn tonnes of CO2e could be saved through green hydrogen each year in the UK alone.