INEOS launches clean hydrogen business


INEOS has announced the launch of a new business dedicated to developing clean hydrogen capacity across Europe, supporting the drive towards a net zero future.

On 9 November, it confirmed the business will be based in the UK and will seek to build capacity to produce hydrogen across INEOS’ network of sites in Europe, along with partner sites where hydrogen can accelerate decarbonisation of energy. INEOS noted that through its subsidiary, INOVYN, it is Europe’s largest operator of electrolysis. Considering that, combined with its experience in the storage and handling of hydrogen, it believes it is well placed to drive progress towards a carbon free future based on hydrogen.

INEOS added that it is already involved in several projects to develop demand for hydrogen and is expecting to develop further partnerships with leading organisations involved in the development of new applications. It also pledged to work with European governments to make sure the required infrastructure is in place to facilitate hydrogen’s key role in a new green economy.

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