Innovative hydrogen storage system set for demonstration


GHD will demonstrate an innovative hydrogen storage system after receiving government funding under the Longer Duration Energy Storage Demonstration competition.

On 23 February, it announced that it will work in partnership with LAVO Hydrogen Storage Technology at a demonstrator location supported by the University of Chester. The project will demonstrate an energy storage system for hydrogen driven from grid electricity using LAVO’s innovative metal hydride, which has already seen an initial demonstration in Australia. Through this UK demonstration, the technology will be applied at a larger scale to explore how it can support energy storage for the UK electricity network by providing low carbon hydrogen to local users in the North West of England.

Key elements of the project include the demonstration the economics of creating hydrogen in times of excess renewable electricity generation, and storing in long-duration energy storage medium; a modular solution demonstrating scalability, providing benefits across multiple elements of an integrated energy system; a simple, stackable hydrogen energy storage device that can supply low or zero carbon hydrogen to a range of configurations and applications; and cost-effective, safe, efficient low pressure storage of hydrogen.

Other hydrogen projects to receive funding under the Longer Duration Energy Storage Demonstration competition include the EDF R&D UK led, HyDUS, which is set to transfer and modify metal hydride storage technology and apply it to safely store large quantities of common hydrogen for long periods, and ITM’s RIPCURL project, which will use the funding to reduce Platinum Group Metal (PGM) loading in electrolyser cells through an extensive R&D programme to explore alternative materials to reduce the reliance on PGMs in electrolysers.

Elsewhere, a consortium led by Corre Energy has received support, as it wants to demonstrate a unique long duration hydrogen storage system using Carbon280 Hydrilyte – a patented hydrogen storage medium, while B9 Energy Storage’s Ballylumford Power-to-X project will mobilise a 20MW membrane free electrolyser green hydrogen project.