Inquiry to consider hydrogen and carbon capture in Scotland


An inquiry is set to explore what role Scotland can play in the UK hydrogen economy.

Launched by the Scottish Affairs Committee on 6 January, the inquiry will consider both blue and green hydrogen, carbon capture in Scotland and explore what further support is needed for the hydrogen sector to incorporate it into the UK’s energy mix. It will also explore a “just transition” for the oil and gas sector and seek to ensure that the skills are there for a hydrogen-ready workforce.

It detailed how the Net Zero Strategy and Hydrogen Strategy both earmarked Scotland as having a “key role” to paly in the development of the UK hydrogen economy through making the most of its renewable energy strengths and carbon capture potential.

It is inviting written submissions by midday on Friday 1 March, with suggested areas of focus including to what extent the ambitions of the UK hydrogen strategy are adequate for Scotland; what the focus of the UK government investment should be to ensure that Scottish industry, supported by Scottish research, is able to become a world leader in green hydrogen for domestic use and export; what role the oil and gas industry should play in achieving a “just transition” to blue and green hydrogen in Scotland; what training is required to build a hydrogen-ready workforce in Scotland; and what the long-term sustainability of the Scottish workforce for hydrogen power is.