ITM Power exploring green hydrogen in Humberside


ITM Power has announced that it has won a first stage deployment project in the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund competition, “Decarbonisation of Industrial Clusters”.

On 16 April, ITM said that, together with partner Element Energy, it had won a first stage deployment project to assess the feasibility and scope of deploying green hydrogen with some major industrial partners in Humberside. Green Hydrogen for Humberside will result in the production of renewable hydrogen to the GW scale, distributed to a mix of industrial energy users in Immingham in Humberside.

The project will involve working with customers in the region to establish the feasibility of switching to renewable hydrogen and justify a number of 100MW deployments of electrolysers. It will cost the supply of hydrogen to these end users, with ITM Power noting it will be an important part of the decarbonisation vision for the region as it will enable both an early bulk scale supply of zero carbon fuel and a subsequent expansion of supply through a progression in electrolyser capacity out to 2040. With Immingham the most carbon intensive of clusters and having access to renewable electricity from GW scale offshore windfarms coming ashore in the region, ITM noted long-term there is an opportunity to build “several tens of GWs” of wind power solely dedicated to generating green hydrogen offshore.

Ben Madden, MD of Element Energy, said: “We aim to demonstrate to the UK Government, our industrial partners and the rest of the world the potential benefits of green hydrogen to the reduction of carbon emissions. This project will help to create a blueprint for cleaner industry that can be rolled out elsewhere.”

ITM Power