Macquarie pledges hydrogen and CCUS investment


Macquarie Group has unveiled plans to support the delivery of more than £12bn investment in sustainable infrastructure across the UK.

Macquarie announced its intention to invest directly, mobilise co-investment and support major investments through capital expenditure programmes of portfolio companies to help the needs of communities for essential infrastructure that is smart, sustainable and aligned with the UK’s net zero targets. Its activity will support investment across the economy, with low carbon hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) among 10 priority areas identified.

When it comes to exploring low carbon hydrogen opportunities, it is pledging to work with investment partners to support the development of hydrogen-ready gas transmission and distribution networks to help to decarbonise the UK’s energy system through Cadent. The Green Investment Group is also working to develop hydrogen hubs in Southampton and on Orkney in a bid to cut emissions of energy intensive UK industries. As for investing in carbon capture and storage, it is investing in Storegga to use the UK’s existing oil and gas infrastructure to receive and store CO2 captured from UK industrial activities and create complementary hydrogen production facilities.

Elsewhere, it will work to advance offshore wind; increase solar generation capacity; increase battery storage capacity; accelerate the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure; improve water and wastewater infrastructure; boost gigabit broadband; improve transport infrastructure; and expand rented housing stock.