Manufacturing underway at ITM Power Gigafactory


ITM Power has said the fit out of its 1GW per annum Gigafactory in Sheffield has reached “practical completion”.

Making the announcement in early January, the completed fit out includes an expansion of the existing offices, enlargement of the stack manufacturing and production areas, a dedicated ATEX rate space for factory acceptance testing of products, and a necessary 5MW power supply on site. It also holds a 24-hour remote and technical monitoring centre to support ITM’s after-sales service proposition, the marketing centre, technology centre and component stores.

In the near future, ITM said the site will welcome visitors with the creation of a conferencing facility, along with a Hydrogen Academy to support the training of apprentices, local engineers and customers. It added that the site provides a blueprint for a high capacity, semi-automated PEM electrolyser manufacturing facility that can be readily replicated. This would enable a local facility to be planned and rapidly deployed in response to large order volumes.