Motive and Tevva team up to supply hydrogen and HGVs


Motive Fuels has joined forces with Tevva to jointly supply hydrogen fuel and HGVs.

Through the partnership, Motive will offer green hydrogen fuel as a package with Tevva’s trucks, helping UK truck operators to decarbonise the heavy transport sector. Motive will supply the hydrogen through its existing station network across England and UK-wide through mobile refuelling stations that can be deployed in days, while also building new hydrogen stations. Tevva, meanwhile, is intending to offer a range of hydrogen electric trucks with 7.5, 12 and 19 tonne variants. This would comfortably meet demanding duty cycles for nearly all urban and extra-urban use cases.

With hydrogen refuelling usually taking a similar time to diesel truck refuelling and hydrogen electric trucks allowing for dual-use of both battery electric and hydrogen energy sources, the partners assured this will future proof customers as they transition away from fossil fuels.

James Cross, Commercial Director at Motive Fuels, said that with the hydrogen transport industry so new, this combined offer will help customers to access both vehicles and fuel. Harsh Pershad, Head of Hydrogen at Tevva, added: “We want to make hydrogen fuel usage to be convenient, affordable and sustainable. To achieve this, we are helping remove some of the adoption risks associated with this transition as part of our hydrogen refuelling services.”