Norway unveils hydrogen roadmap


The Norwegian government has unveiled a roadmap to establish a domestic market for the production and use of hydrogen by 2050.

Publishing the blueprint on 11 June, which builds on a hydrogen strategy released last year, it cited the need to develop a market and associated technologies for hydrogen to realise its potential as a vital energy carrier to support Norway in its journey to becoming a low emission society by 2050. In the short-term, this will see the government collaborate with the private sector to establish five hydrogen hubs in the area of maritime transport by 2025.

This collaboration will also seek to establish “one or two” industrial projects with associated production facilities between five and 10 pilot projects that develop and demonstrate new, cost effective hydrogen solutions and technologies. By 2030, the ambition is for hydrogen to be established as a realistic alternative in the maritime sector, along with the prospect of market-based development.

Coordination of funding agencies will be key to following the roadmap, making it easier for authorities to closely monitor and follow up on good ideas and initiatives that emerge from within the hydrogen sector. There are funding schemes already available to support hydrogen’s development, while the Research Council of Norway and Enova have launched a new partnership called HEILO – Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier for Low Emissions and Conversion – to further support it.

The Norwegian government further pointed out how, in its revised budget, it proposed strengthening the financing for the development of infrastructure and markets for hydrogen. It will also establish a research centre for environmentally friendly energy where hydrogen and ammonia will be key areas of focus.