Octopus Energy targets green hydrogen expansion


The Octopus Energy Group is set to expand into the green hydrogen sector later this year.

On 20 April, Current News reported that the plan is to bring a locally distributed “green hydrogen as a service” proposition to market as part of a new division of the company. Octopus Hydrogen will officially launch in Autumn 2021 with the green hydrogen to serve sectors including heavy goods transportation, energy storage, industrial applications and aviation. The group believes it can deliver benefits to “parts of the economy electrification can’t reach”.

According to the Octopus Hydrogen website, it is pledging an end-to-end solution which supplies hydrogen as a service. This will be 100% green hydrogen, delivered with options for on-site renewables, no capital expenditure required and payment per kilo. Other elements include flexible storage, with the ability to continue a normal operating model through Octopus’ “innovative portable solution” and fuel-on demand, with it pledging to take care of storage, compression, cooling and dispatch, scaling supply when needed.