Octopus Hydrogen to supply ZeroAvia with 100% green hydrogen


Octopus Hydrogen has joined forces with ZeroAvia to supply green hydrogen for its HyFlyer II programme.

On 26 August, ZeroAvia announced that the partnership will see Octopus Hydrogen provide 100% green hydrogen to its R&D centre at Cotsworld Airport in Kemble during testing, certification and first commercial operations of its zero emission hydrogen-electric aircraft powertrain technology as it continues with its HyFlyer II project. The eventual aim is to develop a certifiable 600kW hydrogen-electric fuel cell powertrain capable of powering a 19-seat aircraft with a 500 nautical mile range.

The goal is to bring the powertrain technology to market by 2024, allowing for early adoption of commercial zero emission flights.

The supply from Octopus Hydrogen – over 250kg of green, fuel cell grade, high pressure hydrogen per day – will be used to supplement ZeroAvia’s on-site electrolysis hydrogen production and be delivered into its mobile refuelling unit. For the larger HyFlyer II programme, following the breakthrough flight testing programme of a six-seat aircraft in HyFlyer I, ZeroAvia and its partners identified the need for an additional, ready supply of green hydrogen necessary to complement on-site production.

William Rowe, Octopus Hydrogen CEO and Founder, outlined how the company was started to deliver 100% green hydrogen to sectors unable to decarbonise using batteries alone, with aviation a “perfect use case” for it. Rowe added: “Global aviation accounts for around 2% of global human-induced CO2 emissions. So finding a way to maintain the benefits of flight without destroying our planet is a hugely exciting opportunity and critical for the UK to achieving Net Zero.”