Offshore hydrogen refuelling achievable for vessels


A consortium have successfully demonstrated an offshore hydrogen transfer system.

Jebb Smith, Logan Energy and Cenex explored developing an efficient and safe Hydrogen Offshore Transfer System (HOTS), with their project seeing existing onshore hydrogen refuelling technology adapted for the offshore environment. The consortium conducted a detailed review into the technical and economic feasibility of transferring hydrogen offshore, which led to a conceptual HOTS design.

This initial design uses gaseous hydrogen and is appropriate for refuelling small to medium sized vessels, though most likely in combination with other fuels. Any safety and technological risks have been identified and addressed, either by engineering solutions or operational procedures. In future, this conceptual design could become the “Oasis Hydrogen Buoy”, an adaptation of Jebb Smith’s offshore electric charging buoy which is currently in development.

Nick McCarhy, Technical Specialist at Cenex, said: “This key piece of maritime infrastructure will support the development of hydrogen powered vessels, the creation of green hydrogen offshore, and the transporting of hydrogen in the maritime environment. We expect the HOTS system to be an integral part of zero emission shipping in the future and look forward to the next steps in its development.”