Partnership marks “major step forward” in establishing a UK green hydrogen market


Octopus Hydrogen, Innova Renewables and Novus have joined forces to build green hydrogen production facilities alongside solar, wind and battery projects.

Announced on 5 October, the partnership will see Octopus Hydrogen design, build and operate hydrogen production at several of Innova’s renewable generation sites across the UK, with electrolysers – ranging between 2 and 20MW – installed, alongside compression and mobile hydrogen storage.

Innova has been working with Novus to develop 4GW of solar, wind and battery capacity across the UK. It has agreed to develop hydrogen production facilities at several of its co-located solar and battery energy storage sites to produce and supply green hydrogen to local businesses, through Octopus Hydrogen.

These sites will be the first co-located green hydrogen projects in the country and mark a “major step forward” to establishing a green hydrogen market for the UK and a decentralised production and distribution business. They will be directly connected to on-site renewable energy generation, purchased through long-term power purchase agreements, and produce between 500 and 2500kg of hydrogen per day.

Octopus Hydrogen will use its optimisation software to control electrolysis and when the site exports at full potential. This will help to balance the grid by choosing the best times to use green electricity to produce hydrogen, while also helping the companies to increase the amount of renewable generation on the grid through reducing curtailment and enabling renewable projects that, otherwise, would not have been commercially viable.