Partnership set to displace diesel generators


Octopus Hydrogen and GeoPura have joined forces to supply green hydrogen for technology that will replace diesel powered generators.

On 19 July, Octopus Hydrogen outlined how the agreement will see the two businesses strive to deliver alternatives to fossil fuels and accelerate the decarbonisation of a wide range of industries. Octopus Hydrogen, for its part, will provide a home-grown, reliable, cost competitive source of green hydrogen, with GeoPura then using this at off-grid locations where its Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU) will convert it to electricity.

The only by-product of this process is water, with GeoPura’s HPU offering little noise pollution in stark contrast to diesel generators, where there are also nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions. Octopus Hydrogen will supply GeoPura with six tonnes of green hydrogen per month, over the next 10 years, augmenting GeoPura’s own green hydrogen production and other supplies, helping it to keep up with demand.