Partnership targets rollout of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the UK


Hyzon Motors and Russell Group have joined forces to facilitate the deployment of hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions vehicles in the UK.

In early March, Hyzon announced that the companies will look to provide vehicle sales, leasing and service support as a means of enabling the transition to zero-emission commercial trucks for fleet owners and operators in the UK. Hyzon and Russell will focus on medium and heavy trucks, collaborating to develop product and distribution pathways which are aligned with demand in the UK. Hyzon is also already developing a 44-tonne, 6×2 tractor to UK market specifications, which will be deployed in trials later this year.

Through a network of locations that are owned and shared with partners, Russell will provide sales, services and parts support to customers, while Hyzon and Russell are evaluation leasing and financing opportunities. This would reduce initial capital investment and serve to help facilitate the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles. Hyzon is also planning to support hydrogen production and dispensing in the UK through both existing and new partners that will furnish the technology and operate the facilities. Its focus will be on renewable hydrogen, with hydrogen produced close to customer demand prioritised.