Peel NRE and Progressive Energy target low carbon projects


Peel NRE and Progressive Energy have linked up to explore new projects at Protos – the strategic energy and resource hub situated near Ellesmere Port.

On 13 July, Protos itself revealed that the two organisations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, committing them to explore both the design and delivery of new hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure at Protos. These will look to make the most of its proximity to HyNet and follows Peel NRE’s plans to design a local CO2 network at Protos, capturing carbon from energy generators and surrounding businesses.

Now, moving forwards, Peel NRE and Progressive Energy will work jointly on plans for further Protos plots of land, with initial areas of focus including a CO2 receiving terminal capable of accepting deliveries of CO2 by road or rail, before then exporting to the HyNet carbon transport and storage infrastructure, as well as hydrogen production through electrolysis.

A nine-month period of feasibility studies will now commenced, followed by detailed designs being carried out, with each project being explored requiring individual planning consent.