Plans advance for gigawatt scale green hydrogen floating wind


Source Energie has revealed plans for a second GW scale floating offshore windfarm to produce large scale low carbon green hydrogen.

Earlier this year, Source Energie and ERM Dolphyn unveiled plans for Dylan as part of an ambition to capitalize on the opportunity offered by the Celtic Sea to develop floating wind sites that produce green hydrogen. Dylan is the first of these sites, set to be 300MW in size with an expansion to gigawatt (GW) scale to follow in the 2030s – 2027-28 is being eyed as a target deployment date. Alongside Dylan, the ambition is to develop a separate GW scale windfarm south of it – Myrddin – which will take a similar phase approach and potentially use ERM Dolphyn technology as well.

Alongside this, it welcomed the Crown Estate identifying five broad “Areas of Search” for the development of floating offshore wind energy generation projects in the Celtic Sea, where hydrogen production was included as a core part of its plans. Specifically, it welcomed alignment between the Crown Estate’s Search Areas 1 and 3 with the Dylan and Myrddin development areas already targeted for hydrogen production. This, it said, shows the locations selected “offer good energy generating conditions”.

For its part, the Crown Estate is aiming for its areas of search to deliver 4GW of floating offshore wind power by 2035 to kickstart industry in the region, while providing power to almost 4mn homes. It is also set to be tendering larger, 1GW-scale projects that may be developed in a phased or “stepping stone” approach, providing further opportunities for investment in the supply chain and facilitating coordination of supporting infrastructure.