Plans unveiled for waste plastic to hydrogen facility in Scotland


Peel NRE is set to develop a second waste plastic to hydrogen facility on the north bank of the River Clyde at Rothesay Dock in West Dunbartonshire.

On 1 June, plans were unveiled for a £20mn, 13,500 tonne facility which will take non-recyclable plastics that are destined for landfill, incineration or export overseas and, instead, use them to create a local source of sustainable hydrogen. This will be used as a clean fuel for buses, cars and HGVs, with a hydrogen refuelling station proposed for the site. In the coming months, Peel NRE will engage with the local community and relevant stakeholders, ahead of submitting a planning application later this year.

The facility will mark the second in the UK to use pioneering technology developed by Powerhouse Energy, following plans for a similar facility at Peel NRE’s Protos site in Cheshire being approved back in 2019. Peel NRE and Powerhouse Energy have signed a collaboration agreement to develop 11 waste plastic to hydrogen facilities across the UK.

Richard Baker, Peel NRE Director, said: “This facility will convert plastic into hydrogen a clean fuel that produces no emissions at the point of use, helping to improve local air quality. By co-locating a refuelling station, we can help to kick start the infrastructure needed to support the rollout of hydrogen vehicles which will be an important part of our journey to net zero.”