Port plans to create green hydrogen hub


Shoreham Port has announced a collaboration with H2evolution to create a green hydrogen hub.

On 12 February, the Port, situated west of Brighton, revealed that a planning application will soon be developed to establish a 20MW electrolysis plant. The hydrogen produced will be fully certified green, produced from a combination of captive renewable energy sources that are available at the port, as well as green energy with guaranteed certificates of renewable origin from the grid.

The goal is for the hydrogen hub to be operational in 2024. It will produce fuel cell grade hydrogen to supply local and regional operators to fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) buses, HGVs and waste collection vessels, as well as vessels and the Port’s own cranes and forklift trucks. The partnership marks the beginning of the development of the hydrogen hub, with the number of organisations involved set to grow as the project develops.

Chairman of H2evolution, Stephen David, said: “We will be producing entirely green, zero carbon fuel to decarbonise the equivalent of 300 buses; enough for towns and cities like Brighton & Hove and Worthing, which will prevent the emission of over 100 tonnes of CO2 per day. This will make a huge contribution to the climate change objectives of our community, local authority, and businesses, and can be a key enabler for the expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in Brighton City Centre.”