Project to put UK “at the forefront” of research to decarbonise aviation


The government is supporting the development of a hydrogen fuel-cell programme that will lead to a small passenger aircraft testing the technology in a flight out of Orkney.

The HyFlyer project, led by ZeroAvia, is aiming to demonstrate the technological readiness of a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain. It has been backed by a £2.7mn government grant which has been matched by participants in the project, raising its funding to over £5mn. ZeroAvia said the project will put the UK “at the forefront” of research into the decarbonisation of aviation.

Longer-term, the California-based firm is aiming to set up regional services from 2022 of up to 500 nautical miles (nm) for 10 to 20-seater aircrafts using hydrogen technology.

Chief Executive, Val Miftakhov, said: “Our project goal of 300nm is equivalent to the distance from London to Edinburgh and will prove that zero-emission aviation, powered by hydrogen, can play a key role within the UK and other countries’ transport strategies.”

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