Research to explore fugitive hydrogen emissions in a future hydrogen system


BEIS has appointed Frazer-Nash Consultancy to undertake research into the potential source of fugitive hydrogen emissions in a future hydrogen energy system.

The research will deliver key evidence that can inform a discussion around the wider environmental impacts of hydrogen as its production and use is scaled up. This will allow BEIS, together with the wider industry, to fully quantify and understand any implications of a transition to a hydrogen economy.

The study will explore fugitive hydrogen emissions across the whole of the value-chain. It will investigate hydrogen production, such as electrolysis, methane reformation and bioenergy; transmission and distribution in a converted gas network; road and maritime transportation using compressed or liquified hydrogen; below ground storage and above ground storage; and end-uses of hydrogen for homes, transport and industry.

Industry engagement is encouraged to support the delivery of the project, with BEIS and Frazer-Nash requesting responses by 17 September to