Rhino Doors launches hydrogen safety subsidiary


Rhino Doors has launched a subsidiary company set to specialise in the production of ultra-fast explosion relief products for the hydrogen market.

On 10 August, Rhino HySafe was launched, which will provide hydrogen refuelling stations with industry-leading products specifically engineered to reduce risks associated with explosions. With hydrogen fuel stored at around 10,000psi, it presents a safety challenge that is unmatched by traditional fuels, it explained. Specialist products will be needed to tackle and minimise potential damage from explosions, with Rhino HySafe to manufacture panels, cladding and venting technologies that can protect nearby people and buildings if an explosion were to occur.

Rhino HySafe was able to be launched after the award of funding from the Welsh government through the SMART Cymru Project. The SMART Cymru Project is striving to support businesses in developing, implementing and commercialising new projects, such as the Ultra-Fast Explosion Relief panel design (UFER).