Scotland looks to “fair and sustainable” green ports


Businesses are being asked to express their interest in establishing fair and sustainable green ports in Scotland.

On 23 June, the Scottish government outlined how its adaptation of the UK government’s freeport proposals will offer operators and their beneficiaries a package of tax and customs reliefs for adopting fair work practices and contributing to Scotland’s just energy transition to net zero. Green ports will also aim to promote regeneration and job creation through inclusive, sustainable growth, foster an innovative environment and establish hubs for global trade and investment.

Green ports will be large zoned areas within a defined boundary, including either a rail, sea or airport, and could prove strategic locations for the development of large scale Hydrogen Valleys. They would have the potential to become a hub for hydrogen production and decarbonisation of logistics by road and rail, to and from the green port.

The Scottish government will discuss next steps with industry stakeholders on 30 June. Expressions of interest are invited by close of business on 27 July.